Here at The Lamb's Wool we carry many different fibers for spinning.  If you don't find what your looking for on this page please call us and we'll try to find it for you.

    We carry fleece grown on the Eastern shore of Maryland. This fleece is grown for color and it is a wonderful Border Leister Cross. The fleece is so clean that many people think that it is covered.  Please call for available fleece and pricing.

    We also carry many types of roving, from angora to silk. Sample Cards are available for all fibers.

Louet Spinning Wheels
Ashford Spinning Wheels
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Louet Spinning Wheels
and Accessories

We are an authorized Ashford Dealer.
Please ask us about the Ashford items we have available.

    We carry all of Louet's Spinning Wheels and Accessories.
    The Lamb's Wool's most popular styles:

    S10                            S10 Double Treadle            S75 Double Treadle

S10 Spinning Wheel The original Louet wheel $540.00
S10 Double Treadle Spinning Wheel The same great wheel but with double treadle  $635.00
S51 Spinning Wheel Spoked wheel for a more traditional look. $530.00
S51 Double Treadle Spinning Wheel   Simply the S51 converted into a double treadle wheel.  $635.00
Regular Bobbin Will fit all the wheels listed above. $ 30.95

Louet Accessories

    All Louet Spinning Wheels have the following accessories: Skein Winders, Distaff, Lazy Kate, extra Bobbins and Flyer . Call or email for prices.
Specialty Bobbins
Fatcore  makes fine spinning easy.  $ 52.00
Bulky  designed for spinning bulky yarns  $ 38.50
High Speed Bobbin 3 ratios (6.5:1, 9.5:1, 15.0:1) $ 30.95
Specialty Flyers
Highspeed  designed for spinning fine yarn  $ 85.00
Wide  designed to work with the bulky bobbin  $ 85.00
Narrow Flyer $ 85.00
Niddy Noddy  1 - 2 yards  $ 44.00
Drive Bands for all wheels  $10.50
High Speed Spinning Set 3 Fatcore Bobbins, 1 High Speed Flyer, & 1 Drive band $254.00
 Other Accessories
Distaff All Wheels $ 120.00
Lazy Kate rack only  $ 16.75
Lazy Kate ST no bobbins  $ 110.00
Lazy Kate DT no bobbins $ 110.00
Skeinwinder  S10 - S51 $140.00

Ashford Spinning Wheels
and Accessories

Traditional                             Traveler                               Joy

Traditional, Single Drive, Single Treadle Unfinished  $445.00
Traditional, Single Drive, Single Treadle Lacquered Finish $565.00
Traveler, Single Drive, Only Available as Double Treadle Unfinished $480.00
Traveler, Single Drive, Only Available as Double Treadle Lacquered Finished $585.00
Joy, Single Treadle Lacquered, Folding, Portable $595.00
Joy , Double Treadle Lacquered, Folding, Portable $655.00
Joy, Double Treadle with Carry bag Lacquered, Folding, Portable $745.00
Elizabeth 2 Unfinished $735.00
Elizabeth 2 Lacquered Finish $880.00
Spinning Chair Unfinished $175.00
Spinning Chair Lacquered Finish $210.00
Traditional and Traveler available as Double Drive, please call for pricing 


An upright model with rubber feet, convenient for tabletop spinning.
 The 9" wheel that can be assembled for either left or right hand cranking. 
 2 ratios- 16:1 by driving the spindle directly or 80:1 via the countershaft accelerating the spindle.
The wheel, countershaft & spindle all run on ball bearings for very smooth action.
 The  spindle is tapered from 5/32" stainless steel.  The drive belt is 2mm polycord
The tension is adjustable by means of a slot in the spindle base.

Ashford Accessories

Basic Jumbo Flyer Inc. Jumbo Flyer, 1 JB Bobbin & Front Upright $ 90.00
Complete Jumbo Flyer  Inc. Flyer 4 JB Bobbins 2 Uprights and Maiden Bar $ 139.00
Lace Flyer Inc. 3 Fatcore Bobbins $ 195.00
Quill Spindle Fits Traditional and Traveler $  68.00
Bobbin Standard - Single Drive $ 10.75
Bobbin Joy  Bobbin - std lacquered $ 13.00
Bobbin Jumbo - Single Drive $ 12.25
Bobbin Jumbo - Double  Drive $  15.00
Bobbin Double Drive or Elizabeth $  12.10
Bobbin Joy, Lacquered (also fits Traditional and Traveler) $  13.00
Bobbin Lace $  15.00
Spinning Oil Dispenser Bottle $  8.90
Maintenance Kit Essential Parts $ 19.50
Tin of Wax For Finishing Wheels and maintaining wood $ 23.00
Lazy Kate Vertical Style $ 21.50
Lazy Kate Horizontal Style $ 32.50
Lazy Kate Tensioned "Precision Lazy Kate" $ 54.00
Niddy Noddy Standard
Niddy Noddy Sampler 32" $ 18.75
Distaff For Traditional $ 86.50
Distaff For Elizabeth $ 87.50
Distaff For Traveler $ 87.50
Double Treadle Kit For Traditional,Traveller, Elizabeth 2, Country Spinner $ 140.00 



Carding Equipment and Accessories

All Carding Equipment is Louet
Roving Carder  Fine Cloth  $385.00
Drum Carder  Classic $575.00
Drum Carder  Standard $575.00
Electric Drum Carder  with Motor  $2075.00
Regular Hand Cards  $59.95
Cotton Hand Cards   $59.95
Mini Cotton Cards $50.00
Flicker $32.00
Mini Combs Single Row $85.00
Mini Combs Double Row $129.00


Doffer Brush $27.00
Doffer Pin $32.00
Table Clamp with bolt and wingnut  $11.00
We sell our fibers by the oz or in what ever quantity you need

Silks 1/2 lb
Cultivated Silk Sliver  $38.00 
Tussah Silk Sliver  $23.00
Cotton Silk Blend 70/30 $45.00
Cultivated Silk Noil $13.00 
Fiber Sample  Cards
Louet Natural Fibers Card #1,#2,#3 $3.00 each
Louet  Dyed Fibers  $3.00
Merino/Mohair,  Merino/Silk $3.00 each
Natural Fiber Sample Pack  $150.00 1oz each fiber
Louet Dyed Fiber Sample Pack $100.00 1oz each fiber
Gaywool Fiber Sample Pack $150.00 1oz all Gaywool 
Wool Fibers  1/2 lb 
Black Merino (22 Micron) $15.00
White Merino (22 Micron)  $13.50
White Corriedale Top  $ 12.00
Ashford Dyed NZ Carded Sliver
Fine Corriedale Wool
Color Cards
$29.00/ 1 lb
$15.15/ 1/2 lb
$1.89/ 1 oz 
Blue Faced Leicester Top in white $13.50
Gray Icelandic Top  $ 9.50
Finn Top $12.50
Dark Welsh Top $11.00
Coopworth Roving (White, Medium, Dark) $13.00

Fibers from Ashland Bay
call for pricing over 8oz

 Type Colors Price per oz
Merino Solid Colors Garden Ivy, Salmon, Tartan Green, Yellow, Olive, Coral, Buff, Red, Peach, Turquoise  $1.87
Merino Multi Color Rose Quartz, Sandlewood, Cranberry, Garnet, Mojave, English Garden, Baltic, Laurel, Endicott, Amethyst 
View Color Card
Wensleydale Natural  $1.69
Colonial Top 
Multi Color
Red, Green, Blue Navy, Burgundy, Dark Green 


Eco- Friendly
fiber from Ashland Bay
Colors Price per oz.
Tencel Top White only $1.38
Tencel/Merino Black, Red, Green, Honey, Blue, Peacock, Blueberry 
Color Card
Ingeo White $1.45
Ingeo Colors Discountinued Limited Supply
Red, Blue, Green, Purple,  Color Card


Books and Magazines

Spin Off  $7.99
Hands on Spinning  Lee Raven $9.95
In Sheep's Clothing - A Handspinner's Guide to Wool
Nola Fournier & Jane Fournier

Understanding the Spinning Wheel Eric Corran $79.95
The Mummies of Urumchi Elizaeth Wayland Barber $17.95
Womans Work The First 20,000 years Elizaeth Wayland Barber $13.95
Prehistoric Textiles Elizaeth Wayland Barber $45.00
Handspinner's Hand Book Bette Hochberg $9.95
Spin Span Spun Fact and Folklore for Spinners and Weavers Bette Hochberg $9.95
Fiber Facts Bette Hochberg $9.95
Handspindles Bette Hochberg $9.95
Bette Hochberg's Textiles Articles Bette Hochberg $9.95
A Handspindle Treasury
Handspindle Treasury
Editors of Spin-Off Magazine $16.95
The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning
Big Book of Handspinning
Alden Amos $39.95
Spinner's Companion
Spinner's Companion
Bobbie Irwin $19.95
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