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    We at the Lamb's Wool carry Louet table looms and all the accessories. We can special order any of there Floor looms at no additional cost. We also have Harrisville and Leclerc Looms.


    Handwoven  $6.99


Mastering Weave Structures,
Transforming Ideas into Great Cloth
Mastering Weave Structures
Sharon Alderman $39.95
Woven Shibori
Woven Shibori
Catharine Ellis $24.95
Learning to Weave , RevisedEdition Learn to Weave Deborah Chandler  $24.95
The Handwoven Index and Resource Directory
Handwoven Index
Interweave Press $9.95
A Handweaver's Pattern Book Marguerite Porter Davidson, editor  $48.00
A Weavers Book of 8 Shaft Patterns
Eight Shaft Weaving
Carol Strickler, editor $39.95
Handwoven Scarves
Interweave Press $24.95
Navajo Weaving Way
Navajo Weaving Way
Noel Bennett 
& Tiana Bighorse
A Joy Forever Latvian Weaving
Joy Forever Latvian Weaving
Jane A. Evans $28.95
The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book Rachel Brown $40.00
Tapestry Weaving
A Comprehensive Study Guide
Tapestry Weaving
Nancy Harvey $24.95
Double-Woven Treasures from Old Peru Adele Cahlander $30.00
The Best of Weaver's: Fabric's That Go Bump XRX Books $28.95
The Best of Weaver's Thick 'n Thin XRX Books $28.95
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